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Mindworkzz CAT Results

CAT 2021 Toppers

NAME                                CAT %ile 

Swetha                              99.97 %ile

Anmol Singh                     99.92 %ile

Arnav Garg                        99.56 % ile

Sahil Siddart                      99.68 %ile

Shivam Pratap                   99.23 %ile

Sarthak Arora                     99.11 %ile

Rhea Francis                       99.19 %ile

Divyanshu Hasija               99.07 %ile

Shaunak Vora                     99.01 %ile

Rahul Chodankar               99.87 %ile

CAT 2020 Toppers

NAME                                CAT %ile                  College

Siddharth Nagpal           99.76                          IIM A  

Abhishek Tiwari              99.7                            IIM B

Aayush Goyal                  99.32                          IIM - Udaipur

Nishank Nihar                 99.16

Dibyajit Bardhan             99.06                         IIM A

Raksha Saraf                    98.94                         IIM C

Anshu Singh                     98.94                         

Ishant Teotia                    98.56                         IIM-K

DILLIP KUMAR SAHOO    98.5                           IIM Kozhikode

ARITRA BHATTACHARYA 98.27              IIM Ranchi

Shailendra Singh             98.15

Abhijeet Nagpal               97.84              IIM Rohtak

Gauri Jangam                   97.71

Vamsi krishna reddy       97.6                   NMIMS Mumbai

Atul Jhunjhunwala             97.55                   MDI Gurgaon​​

CAT 2019 Toppers

Name                                    CAT %ile

Ananya Madan                       99.82
Chirag Bhardwaj                    99.31
Kushal Maheshwari               98.98
Riya                                           98.58
Abhishek Pandey                    98.3
Piyush Chawla                         98.16
Harish Padhi                            98.13
Nandita saily                            97.6
Suraj Jain                                  97.54
Niyati jain                                 97.1

CAT 2018 Toppers

Name                                          CAT %ile           College
Avinandan Joardar                     99.98                IIM A
Shantanu Agarwal                      99.89                IIM A
Himanshu Salgotra                     99.85               IIM C
Nihar S Madkaiker                      99.75               MDI G
Ansh Srivastava                           99.73               IIM C
Ishan Sinha                                  99.65                IIM B
Anil Dudi                                       99.56               IIM A
Ragini Gupta                                99.47               NITIE M
Himanshu Jhandai                      99.41               IIM S
Raghvendra Pratap Singh          99.38              IIM K
Mayank Somani                           99.32              IIM K
Nakul Tyagi                                   99.25              MDI G
Ritika Jain                                      99.23              IIM I
Abhimanyu Bhatia                      99.17               IIM L
Piyush Chawla                             99.16               IIM L
Saurabh Singh                             99.12               SIBM Pune
Anish Krishna                              99.11               MDI G
Mayank Singh                              99.09               SP JAIN
Anika Goyal                                  98.85               IIM C
Piyush Tulshyan                          98.66               IIM L
Gagan Kukreja                             98.42               NMIMS
Arun Aravind                               98                     IIM I





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Results & Reviews

Shantanu Agarwal

IIM Ahmedabad


The teachers at Mindworkzz were really helpful and I believe they are the USP of the institute. Arun Sharma Sir, Meenakshi Ma'am, and Lokesh Sir guided us with the mental preparation for the exam in addition to introducing us to innovative methods that made the toughest of problems seem like a child's play. Through their guidance and support, I was able to crack CAT and got admission in IIM Ahmedabad.

Sandeep Mohanty

IIM Ahmedabad


I would like to thank Arun Sharma Sir for helping me realize my dream of getting into a premier B-School. Coming from a Non-English Background, I was always apprehensive of reaching an IIM. However, the guidance given to me at Mindworkzz was extremely helpful and played a major role in me getting selected in one of the BEST B-SCHOOLS of the country.

Sahil Verma

IIM Ahmedabad


I started my journey for CAT in April 2018 with Mindworkzz and it was an amazing journey. I would like to thank Mindworkzz which has helped me a lot in my endeavor. Amazing dedication and commitment of Arun Sharma Sir, Meenakshi Mam and Lokesh Sir helped me stick to my track and chase my dreams.



IIM Ahmedabad

Anil Dudi

IIM Ahmedabad

99.56 %ile

" I am extremely grateful to Arun Sir and Meenakshi Ma'am for providing invaluable inputs in my CAT preparation. My way of interpreting numbers changed drastically after a few of Sharma sir's classes and this changed perception helped me in both Quants and Data Interpretation. Their guidance right up to the exam helped in settling any nerves. To be fair after a month at Mindworkzz, I was sure I was going to my dream B-school." 

Amlan Patro

IIM Calcutta

99.73 %ile

Dear Sir,

I had registered for your CAT 2015 course and have since been a student of yours. I'm delighted to inform you that I scored 99.73%ile in CAT 2015, and would like to thank you for your support in my sucess.


Amlan Patro

K.H. Abhishek

IIM Calcutta


Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

I have been offered admission to PGP program of IIM Calcutta. This is all due to your timely and earnest advice and help, be it my SOP or general guidance for interviews even though I am miles away.

Thank you, you both mean a lot to me and thanks a lot to the whole Mindworkzz Team. The whole year at Mindworkzz was a great learning period for me.

Warm regards,

K H Abhishek

IIM Calcutta

Himanshu Salgotra

IIM Calcutta

99.85 %ile

As I celebrate my success in CAT, my deepest gratitude goes to the entire team at Mindworkzz for the constant support offered to me. Being a first timer at CAT, the training offered at Mindworkzz helped me sharpen my skills and get over my weak areas. The material and lectures provided helped me get the concepts and strategy right while the mock tests helped me identify where I stood in the race at each stage of my preparation.  The regular mock interviews and the suggestions for improvement were of immense help when I faced the interview board. Thank you Sir, Ma’am and Mindworkzz!!

Kuldeep Singh

IIM Bangalore

I found the Mindworkzz's PDP program very helpful not because of the guidance provided for the WAT/PI but also because it helped me to improve my self- awareness. I was able to gain clarity on some of the important questions like "Why MBA" and how to link it to my career goals. The sessions taken by Arun Sharma sir and Meenakshi Ma'am helped me to get to know the frequent questions asked in the interviews and also helped me in writing the SOP. The sessions by Pramod sir helped me to get to know about current affairs. I completely dedicate my success to whole "Mindworkzz team". 

Jai Saxena



If getting into a good B-School is 51% about academic knowledge, then it is 49% about correct motivation. A good CAT score is the first, but the most important step of this process. At Mindworkzz, Arun sir and his team not only provided me with the best training to crack the CAT exam, but also the PDP(Personality Development Program) sessions, which polished my outlook towards the exam. The constant emphasis on taking mock tests, and identifying my strengths and weaknesses in the exam helped me plan my approach better and prepared me for unfavorable situations. Smaller batch size and helpful faculty made sure not even a single doubt goes unnoticed. I would take this opportunity to thank the Mindworkzz team, in helping me get a good CAT score and securing a seat in Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University.

Nakul Tyagi

MDI Gurgaon

99.25 %ile

Mindworkzz really helped me not only to get a good score but also guiding me on improving on certain aspects that really helped me getting through the interviews. It was a really enriching journey that I had with Mindworkzz. Classes were awesome, not only teaching the logics & tricks to the questions but also instilling an ability to make the right question choices which were really helpful in the actual paper.
The GD/PI sessions by Arun Sharma Sir & Meenakshi Ma’am were of great help as it honed the set of skills required to get into one of the Top B- School. The good thing was we got to interact with people of the institutions in which we wanted to get admission. That really gave us an insight to what the institute really wants from a candidate. 
I want to thank the whole Mindworkzz Team for pushing me & motivating me throughout this journey. 

Ishan Kamboj

XLRI Jamshedpur

A very special thanks to Arun Sir, Meenakshi Ma’am and Mayank Sir for believing in me. My belief in myself was tested fully before the interviews, but you gave me the strength to stand by my beliefs. Thank you!
Scoring good in CAT and other entrance exams depends a lot on your approach towards the preparation and the exam. There are some aspects of it that are mastered only over time! Arun sir, Meenakshi ma’am and Mayank sir can tell you ways and techniques which if applied can take your score from wherever they are to 99+ percentiles. For me, they have played an important part right from the exams to the interview. Their experience and insight into the interview process will help any aspirant profoundly! I believe students at Mindworkzz should make the most of their teachers' expertise and experience and be behind them 24*7. Set your goal and let nothing stop you!

Udit Asati

XLRI Jamshedhpur

Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

A big thank you from deep within my heart for your invaluable guidance and support in my exam preparations. I cleared XAT 2015, the GD/PI rounds and writing this email from my Hostel in XLRI Jamshedpur.

My Special thanks to Arun Sharma Sir, Meenakshi Ma'am and Arun Chaturvedi Sir for imparting their vast knowledge in a very concise manner. The calculation techniques taught by Arun Sharma Sir are specially useful in classes here at college and I rarely need to use calculator during exams.

Many Thanks once again to the Team Mindworkzz for helping me to realize my dream !

Thank You for all the efforts !


Udit Asati, 

XLRI Jamshedhpur

Raghvendra Pratap Singh

IIM Kozhikode

99.38 %ile

CAT Preparation Is not just about academic knowledge, it is about developing a thought process for time management and increasing accuracy in the exam.  Arun Sir and Meenakshi Ma’am not only make you aware of the dynamics of the CAT exam but they help you in increasing the self-believe and confidence in oneself to bell the CAT.  The regular PDP sessions by Arun Sir helped me a lot in keeping my spirits high during the entire prep phase. Constant personal guidance for identifying my strength and weaknesses helped me a lot to develop a proper test taking strategy. I am extremely elated to make it to the Top B-schools in the country and I owe a big part of my success to the entire team of Mindworkzz.


Raghvendra Pratap Singh

IIM Kozhikode

Darpan Garg

S P Jain, Mumbai

99.24 %ile

Arun Sharma Sir’s classes at Mindworkzz are not just classes, these are actually transforming sessions to change the thought process for each and every problem at hand which increases the efficiency and speed in the exam.

As an engineer, I was comfortable with Quantitative Aptitude but that “Out of the Box” Approach element was missing to hit the Bull’s Eye. That’s where the role of Arun Sharma Sir as a mentor went “Icing on the Cake”.

The best part is that Arun Sharma Sir, Meenakshi Maam, Mayank Sir and the whole team of Mindworkzz have a different teaching or tackling approach for students coming from different backgrounds so as to make them reach on the same page.

I’m extremely thrilled that I have ‘Belled the CAT. I owe a big part of my success to Mindworkzz CAT classes. Once again a big thanks for helping me make my dream come true.

Neeket Agarwal, IIM Calcutta



Tricks from Arun sir’s classes on Permutation & Combination and Meenakshi Mam’s suggestion of finding an answer first by ignoring the options and then selecting the option which matches your assumed answer were a few among many other things that helped me.

I attended the classes online. But due to their efforts to answer our questions I did not face any difficulty in understanding the concepts. Also, they focused on concepts more than the answers which is more important in my opinion.

Thanks a ton to Mindworkzz Team!!

Anish Krishna

MDI Gurgaon

99.11 %ile

I had an amazing learning experience at Mindworkzz. Classes were very good and enough attention was given to all the topics. Meenakshi Maam’s tips were really very helpful for verbal and Arun sir’s fundas were quite a revelation. I feel indebted to the faculty and staff of Mindworkzz for helping me not only in preparing for CAT but also for providing me with some amazing life advice and guidance.Needless to say, they were a major reason why I got a 99+ percentile.


Mindworkzz is one of India’s leading brands in Aptitude training and testing. We are involved in training aspirants for the CAT over the past 2 decades and have trained over 10000 IIM Graduates. Besides we are also involved in conducting classes for GMAT, CLAT, CSAT, UPSC, BBA and CRT (campus recruitment training). Our key partners include companies like McGraw Hill Education, Hungama, Airtel, Applied Mobile Labs etc.

Our team is led by Arun Sharma - IIM Bangalore Alumnus, India's most recognised and respected author and trainer for CAT, and comprises of Meenakshi Upadhyay (IIM B), Arun Chaturvedi(IIM A), Sony Goyal(IIM A), Lokesh Agarwal(MBA, 10+ years experience), Mayank Raj Singh (IMT Ghaziabad), Rajeev Sharma(25+ years of experience), Saeed Khan(5+ years of experience), Randhir Mishra(IIM B), Pradeep Kumar (IIM B), Rajeshwar Tiwari(CRT Head, 10+ years experience), Bhavuk Pujara (MDI Gurgaon), Faraz Ahmad (IIM Shillong).


  • Great Content

    When you study at Mindworkzz, you are assured of some of the most powerful content - irrespective of the course you join us for!!
    Each book is created and written in order to make sure that you do not miss out on any possible question/ logic available on that topic.

  • Classroom Programs

    Get personally trained under the guidance of Arun Sharma, Meenakshi Upadhyay and the entire Mindworkzz faculty team by joining any of our courses available at our Connaught Place Office. Courses available for: CAT, CLAT, GMAT, UPSC

  • Online Programs- Live Interactive Classes

    Learn directly from India's best teachers - through live as well as through recorded classes. A minimum of 10 hours of live interactions every week, backed up by hundreds of hours of recorded videos, which facilitate self paced learning.

Frequently Asked Question
  • How can we contact you for CAT Online Preparation?

    You can call us on 9595806833/ 9415333920 or mail on arunc.mindworkzz@gmail.com for any queries regarding CAT Online Preparations.

  • Who will be taking the classes?

    The  CAT Online Classes will be taken by Arun Sharma(IIM B), Meenakshi Upadhyay(IIM B), Lokesh Agarwal, Shailendra Sharma (IIM A), Vinod Shankaran, Sony Goyal(IIM A), Mayank Raj Singh (IMT Ghaziabad), Saeed Khan, Siddharth Kavadia (SIBM Pune), Bhavuk Pujara (MDI Gurgaon).

  • Will we get recorded videos of missed sessions of CAT Online?

    Yes, all CAT Online live sessions are recorded and uploaded on the website, which can be accessed by all students whenever they want. This provides seamless learning experience via the online mode.

  • How doubt clearing is done in CAT Online Coaching?

    Doubt clearing sessions are conducted weekly in CAT Online Coaching. We also have telegram groups wherein you can post your doubts, which are answered by our faculty team. You can whatsapp your doubts on 9415333920/ 9667007023 as well.

  • Can I prepare for CAT Online?

    Yes, you can prepare for CAT Online through Live Interactive Online Classes by Mindworkzz. You get access to Recorded Videos, Tests, Regular Doubt Clearing Sessions, Arun Sharma CAT Challenge Tests, Mindworkzz National Mock CATs, Special Classes for Other Management Entrance Tests (OMETs) like XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP, CMAT etc. Study Material, GD PI WAT sessions, Personality Development Program by Arun Sharma will also be a part of the course.

    Since the CAT exam is conducted online, CAT online preparation is also a popular mode. Students who cannot take the classroom program prefer the Online Program provided by Mindworkzz.

  • What is the CAT Exam?

    CAT (Common Admission Test) is the premier all India management entrance exam conducted online by IIMs. It is one of the most competitive exams in the country. The IIMs are the premier management institutes in India established by an act of Parliament. 

    The CAT exam tests a candidate on their Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation Skills, Logical Reasoning skills. The exam is preferred for by all the IIMs and most of the top B schools in India like FMS, SP Jain, MDI, IMI, NITIE ,IMT, JBIMS, etc. Over two lakh students take this exam every year. Preparing for CAT also prepares students for various other aptitude based exams like other management NMAT, SNAP, XAT, MAT etc. and also is useful for Bank PO, SSC, Campus Placement Tests , E-litmus, AMCAT etc.


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